Jul 31, 2023 Update

  1. Decreasing HP for monsters in the Arena by 5% Your voices are heard. We understand many players feel the monsters are currently too challenging. This 5% HP reduction aims to improve the gameplay experience for you all. We also plan to disclose more detailed values in the WhitePaper soon for increased transparency.

  2. Increasing EMP rewards from battles by 5%

    After tightening policies since last weekend, the overall circulation and price of EMP token have stabilized. To empower players to strengthen their Heroes, we will increase EMP rewards from battling by 5% for all players.

  3. 50% More EMP Battle Reward for 24 hours

    To thank players for their patience, 50% more EMP rewards will be granted from August 2, 2023 at 8:00 AM HKT until August 3, 2023 at 8:00 AM HKT. Enjoy the boosted rewards during this time!

  4. Rainbow Prism community vote

    We recognize the passionate feedback regarding the Rainbow Prism item changes. Community input is invaluable, so we will hold a Twitter poll this week for players to decide how this item should function. Follow us @cryptoempirenft and cast your vote!

  5. Update to Battle UI

    We are pleased to announce an update to the battle user interface (UI) to display more information for increased transparency. You will now be able to see monster levels on the battle preparation screen, which aims to help players make more informed strategic decisions while assembling their teams.

  6. Partnership with Marketing Makers

    We have entered into strategic partnerships with leading market makers to help maintain a stable and healthy EMP price. By working closely with these partners, we aim to improve EMP liquidity and mitigate excessive volatility. Their algorithms will help tighten the bid-ask spread and encourage active trading.

    A stable EMP price is vital for the token economy within CryptoEmpire. Fluctuations in price can disrupt gameplay and cause uncertainty. While short-term EMP price fluctuations may still occur, we are confident these partnerships will promote stability over the long run. A healthy EMP market supports our goals of creating the best gameplay experience and NFT value for the CryptoEmpire community.

    Please log out before maintenance begins to avoid any loss. Servers will come back online immediately after the updates are complete. We look forward to you jumping back into battle soon! Thank you for your patience!

    As always, please share your feedback as we continue improving the CryptoEmpire experience. We are always listening to our community closely, and we will keep upgrading the game in favor of our users' experience and profit. Thank you for playing CryptoEmpire!