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Chapter 4 of Quickstart Guide

Details about the game settlement

As a PvPvE game, defeating bosses alone in CryptoEmpire does not provide the best rewards. To maximize revenue, players must also defeat their opponents. The reward multipliers for different scenarios are:
Result against boss
Result against player
$EMP Coefficient
Stay still
The rewards and rankings in CryptoEmpire's PvP boss battles work as follows:
  • Defeating the boss and having a higher damage grants 100% of the reward pool of the duel. The opponent who defeated the boss and have a lower damage in time gets 30% of the pool.
  • Failing to defeat the boss grants 0% of the rewards, regardless of defeating the opponent.
Each battle lasts 5 rounds. Here's how rewards are distributed:
  • If Player A kills the boss in 5 rounds but Player B does not, Player A gets 100% of rewards and Player B gets 0%.
  • If both Player A and Player B kill the boss in 5 rounds, Player A gets 100% of rewards and Player B gets 30%.
  • If neither player kills the boss in 5 rounds, both get 0% of rewards.
For rankings:
  • If one player defeats the boss, their ranking score (displayed by trophy icon) increases and the opponent's decreases.
  • If neither player defeats the boss, the player with higher damage retains their score while the lower damage player's score drops. In summary, optimal rewards and rankings require both defeating bosses quickly and outplaying opponents.

Tips on the battle

Heroes are the key of CryptoEmpire gameplay, and a reasonable combination of hero elements and skills is the key to victory.

Try to choose element combinations that can counter the enemy

Match your hero skills properly

  1. 1.
    Single targeted skills are most efficient when facing a BOSS.
Like the mighty Sorceress⚖️
  1. 2.
    Area-of-effect (AOE) skills are useful when facing mobs.
Like the handsome Diplomat🔨
  1. 3.
    A proper amount of supports can have unexpected effects in battle.
Like the fire dragon🐲
  1. 1.
    We all know that in most Match-3 games, clearing multiple blocks at once gives you special items. However, in CryptoEmpire, combining those special items can have even more special effects. So, it's advisable to save your items and combine them to achieve greater results.
  2. 2.
    As in most Match-3 games, clearing multiple blocks at once in CryptoEmpire gives you special items. However, unlike other games, combining these special items together creates even more powerful effects. Rather than using special items as soon as you acquire them, it is strategic to save and combine them for greater impact later.
With planning and attention, chaining together special items at key moments can give you an edge over both the PvE boss fights and PvP opponents in CryptoEmpire.
Think ahead and combine wisely!

Some effective tactics include:

Effect of 💣 + 💣

Effect of 🚀 + 💣

Effect of 🚀 + 🚀

Effect of 🏵️ + 💣

Effect of 🏵️ + 🚀

Effect of 🏵️ + 🏵️

In the next chapter, we'll discuss the EMP token, which is the incentive game token that powers the ecosystem. You'll learn where to buy and sell EMP and most importantly, how you can earn EMP token rewards while playing the game!