There are four grades in CryptoEmpire, they are(in an ascending order of rarity):

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

Heroes of higher grades will have a higher attack growth and will get more talent points after each level.


A hero has many different attributes that affect its capacity in both battling the enemy and earning EMP:


Affects your GOLD income.

Determines extra damage you can deal.

How likely a hero can deal critical damage. The default critical strike damage will be 150%.

Slows the speed of your hero NFT cards' AP cost.


Every hero has its unique skill, and there are mainly two categories of skills:

  1. Damage skills

    1. Single-target skills

    2. AOE skills

  2. Buffing skills

    Skills that increase the damage dealt by teammates or the damage taken by enemies.

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