During certain periods, players will be able to take part in special campaigns like World Boss Mode, in this mode, players can challenge the BOSS once for free every day, players can repeatedly fight the BOSS for more rewards by consuming 500 EMP each time after running out of free trials.

Special rules:

  • BOSS have an unlimited health point in this mode, players will have a rank according to their total damage done to the BOSS and monsters.

  • Only top players will get rewards including special summoning stones that contain the new NFT - Dracuirass! (Dracuirass will not be able to get from Eternal Blessing in this expansion.)

  • Reward will be distributed after the campaign is ended (every Sunday 00:00 UTC).

Details show below:

Common Abyss Stone:

Rare Abyss Stone:

Note: Only Dracuirass in these stones will be NFTs, other heroes will not be NFTs (newly summoned Dracuirass will not be NFTs, either).

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