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Get Heroes and Form Your Team

Chapter 3 of Quickstart Guide

1️⃣ Buy 5 Heroes via in-game shop or buy on NFT Marketplace

For beginners getting started in CryptoEmpire, we recommend buy heroes in the in-game shop or visiting the NFT Marketplace powered by Web3Games. There’re currently 32 different heroes with different abilities. You can easily buy at least 5 Hero NFTs or Summoning Stone NFTs directly in the marketplace. Both types of NFTs are listed for sale by other players at USDC prices.
This makes it simple to purchase your first squad of heroes or summoning stones from the community using USDC. No need to worry about complicated crypto transactions as a new user. The NFT Marketplace allows you to browse Heroes and Summoning Stones sorted by various attributes like rarity, price, and more.
Once you've purchased 5 or more NFTs from the Marketplace, you'll be ready to send them into your in-game inventory and start battling!
If you bought Hero NFTs:
  • You can instantly use these Heroes in battle.
  • Simply send the NFTs to your in-game inventory (My Hero) to add them to your battle team.
  • With 5 Hero NFTs, you'll be ready to start competing in match-3 gameplay!
If you bought Summoning Stone NFTs:
  • Use the stones to summon random Hero NFTs for your team.
  • Summoning grants you new Heroes with random rarities and attributes.
  • Keep summoning until you have a well-rounded battle squad.
So in summary:
  • Hero NFTs let you battle immediately with that hero character.
  • Summoning Stones grant you surprise heroes to build your team.

2️⃣ Send Your Hero NFTs to the Game

After you’ve successfully bought the Hero NFTs, go to the corresponding NFT detail page and send these NFTs to CryptoEmpire game to use them.
Step 1. Go to → Your Profile → Game Items
Your Profile Page on
You should be able to see your purchased Hero NFTs (or Summoning Stone NFTs) in your wallet address, go click into them. Make sure you are connecting the same wallet linked with your Web3Games player account.
Step 2. NFT Page → Send to Game → Complete NFT Transfer Transaction
Hero NFT Token Page
Go click the green highlighted button “Send to Game” at the bottom of the Hero profile picture, then it will trigger a blockchain transaction for you to send the Hero (or Summoning Stone) NFT to CryptoEmpire game of your account.
Send to Game from

3️⃣ Find Your Hero NFTs and Form your Team

As blockchain transaction takes sometime, the Hero NFTs will normally be shown in your game within 2-5 minutes.
Now it’s time to find your Hero NFTs inside the game.
Step 1.
Go to “My Heroes” → Click The Hero Card → “Add” to the team
(For Summoning Stone NFTs) Go to “My Heroes” → “Stone” Tab → Click Stone Card → “Summon”

4️⃣ Tips of Forming Hero Teams

Heroes play a vital role in CryptoEmpire's gameplay. Strategically combining hero elements and skills is crucial for achieving victory.
Each player can have up to 5 hero teams in their collection. You can assemble teams with different classes and abilities to counter different enemies.
Heroes deal extra damage to certain classes, the mechanics show below:
  • ICE heroes deal an extra 20% damage against FIRE enemies.
  • FIRE heroes deal an extra 20% damage against THUNDER enemies.
  • THUNDER heroes deal an extra 20% damage against ICE enemies.
  • SHADOW heroes deal an extra 10% damage against ALL enemies.
  • LIFE heroes deal an extra 30% damage against SHADOW enemies.
Each hero, monster and boss has its unique class, heroes of different classes have different properties:
  • Life: Deal double damage when bosses go into frenzy.
  • Shadow: De-buff enemies
  • Ice: Reduce the defence of enemies
  • Fire: Deal continuous damage to enemies
  • Thunder: Deal the highest damage among classes

Now that you have your your Hero NFT team ready and it’s time to have your first match with them. In the next chapter, we will explain about how the match-3 battle game works.