Earning Caps of Gold

Ranking Cap

There are different revenue caps for every Rank. If players' theoretical revenue generated is higher than the revenue cap, the final revenue they receive will be capped by their ranking.

Daily Energy Cap

Players' daily revenue will be capped by their daily energy cap. Users can increase their energy by getting rarer heroes.

Example Formulas show below:

  • Owning 5 common cards: 20+5*1=25 Energy Points

  • Owning 3 common cards, one rare card and one epic card: 20+3*1+2+3=28 Energy Points

  • Owning 5 legendary cards: 20+5*4=40 Energy Points

Action Point Cap

There will be a positive correlation between the action points and revenue generated.

  • When heroes' action point be lower than 750/1500 , revenue drops to 90%

  • When heroes' action point be lower than 300/1500, revenue drops to 10%

This directly determines the theoreotical income of a player after a battle. A player's total efficiency will be the sum of the five cards in team

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