Minting new cards

All heroes from summoning will not be NFTs since public release. Only Dracuirass from the WOLRD BOSS weekly reward stones as well as heroes summoned from the previous summoning stone NFTs during public beta will be NFTs.

In CryptoEmpire, summoning means getting new heroes.

Players will need to have two different heroes to perform a ritual of summoning at the place to get a Summoning Stone. By using the stone, a new hero will be minted.

Both heroes need to have full action points to perform summoning.

Summoning Specifications

Summoning Costs

  • Unlock now costs Magic Crystal

  • Each hero can summon for 5 times.

  • Summoning costs = (Summoning Cost of Hero 1 + Summoning Cost of Hero 2)/2

  • There will be a 12-hour cool down period before each hero can summon again. During summoning, heroes can still be used for the combat.

The amount of gold needed to unlock the summon function will increase if:

  • The Hero Rarity goes up

Heroes CAN NOT Summon with:

  • The same character

  • The one who summoned her/him/it

  • Anyone who is summoned by the same hero

During summoning, heroes will NOT be able to:

  • Level up

  • Ascend

  • Be withdrawn (if it's an NFT)

Summoning Mechanisms

Rarity of Summoning Stones will be determined by the summoning heroes, odds show below:

Rarity of New Hero will be determined by the summoning stone, odds show below:

Class of New Hero will be determined by the two summoning heroes, odds show below:

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