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CryptoEmpire by Web3Games.com
CryptoEmpire is the latest crypto mobile game from Web3Games.com. CryptoEmpire, a real-time match-3 battle game is now available on iOS and Android devices.
CryptoEmpire utilizes blockchain technology to offer players an exciting gaming experience with token and NFT incentives. Match gems on the battlefield to cast spells and dominate your opponents in PvP duels. Players can collect heroes of various rarity to summon unique heroes with special abilities and level up their heroes to empower the whole team.
Compete for token rewards and climb the leaderboards in this easy-to-pick-up game! CryptoEmpire takes the addictive match-3 game and pairs it with the next-generation of authentic digital asset ownership that only blockchain can provide.

Download now and embark on your adventure in CryptoEmpire!

For iOS: Go to App Store
Official Website: https://cryptoempire.games

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In just 6 chapters, this quick-start guide will turn you into a professional CryptoEmpire player!
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